C and P Refurbished Pilot Tabletop Letterpress

CHANDLER and PRICE Pilot Table Top Letterpress
Table Top Letterpress Printing Press with 6.5” x 10” Inner Chase
Ready to be used!
$1,500 or best offer!

Refurbished original Old Style C&P Pilot Table Top letterpress printing press with an inside chase dimension of 6.5” x 10”.
Cast iron construction. Comes with all parts as shown (EXCEPT boxcar 8.5x5 grid base).
Press weighs approximately 160 pounds - relatively portable (compared to floor model presses).
Excellent size for serious hobbyists and home letterpress studios.
Impression lever, ink plate, and bed move freely.

Live in Madison, Wisconsin
No Shipping - Need to pick up the Letterpress.

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image: Pilot 001.jpg

Pilot 001.jpg