Kelsey 5x8 rollers sticking

I finally had a chance to install new rollers and trucks (from Todd’s Press Time), roller hooks, roller springs and chase on my Kelsey 5x8. The rollers seem to get a little stuck on the transition from the ink plate to the chase. The springs are not so tight that they won’t allow a smooth transition, so what else should I be looking at? I can get the rollers moving but not without a good amount of force that I don’t see in videos of others using the same press. It’s such a simple design that I can’t believe I’m not able to troubleshoot this one on my own, so I apologize if it’s a silly question.

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You speak of new rollers. Did you previously print with other rollers? If so, how did they operate across what you now find as a sticking point?
At the shoulder of the rails where the direction changes from the ink disk to the vertical of the rails is the point of maximum extension of the springs and the place most likely to offer resistance.
Just for a check, remove the rollers and cycle the press. The springs will not be extended, but you need to rule out any other potential problem.
Your springs need to be sufficiently taut to hold the rollers against the form, but not tight-tight.

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Thanks for responding so quickly!

The press did not come with rollers, so I never had rollers on it. Without the rollers on it, the press cycles very smoothly. It only gives me issues when the roller trucks hit the rails of the chase bed. Do I need smaller diameter trucks? Do they exist?

There have been some instances where the ink plate is not at the proper height. Try placing a few hand cut washers of cardboard around the stem of the ink plate and see if the action is smoother. If it is, find a bronze washer of the proper thickness to lift the ink plate up to the proper height. You can find such large washers in an industrial supply catalog like McMaster-Carr online. I suggest bronze since if any wear occurs, it will be in the washer, and not the stem or press connection.

jhenry probably has it.
Todd’s Press Time is a good supplier and the rollers and trucks are probably correct.
Smaller trucks are available, but they are not your answer.
Rollers and trucks are to be the same diameter. Check

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Did you get your issue solved, and if so, then how? I am having a similar issue. First time printer with a kelsey 5x8, brand new rollers and trucks. The rollers skid across the chase rails and then get stuck on the transition from chase to ink table both going up and coming down. What am I doing wrong?