Equipment available in Colorado

UPDATED LIST - 08.09.2017 Equipment available in Colorado. Due to the passing of the owner, the manager of his estate (not on this list) is putting the following equipment up for sale. Local pickup only, some items are very negotiable. Please contact poster to be put in contact with the estate. All inquiries will be forwarded.

Equipment in Fort Collins CO needs to move within a few months. Equipment in Windsor CO needs to move ASAP, building is being sold.

6 x 10 OS Chandler and Price Pilot (tabletop) Press: $1200 OBO
8 x 12 OS C&P: $900 OBO
AB Dick Paper Folder: $75 OBO
Little Giant Flatbed Cylinder Press: Negotiable
Peerless Gem Paper Cutter: $50 OBO
4 Staplers: $25 each OBO
12 x 18 C&P Flatbed Cylinder Press 220 V: $300 OBO
Gordon Franklin Press - Must be assembled
3 type cabinets: $50 each OBO
Various type: $2.00/pound
Spacing, lead: Negotiable
2 Pony Cabinets with wood and metal furniture: $75 each OBO
Various types of Paper: Negotiable
Table Top Paper Cutter: $50 OBO
Exposure Unit: $50 OBO
Electric Collator: $75 OBO
Rouse Cutter: $75 OBO
Various Ink: Best offer
Quoin, quoin keys: Negotiable
Desk: $50 OBO

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