Craftsmen Superior 6.5” x 10” Tabletop Letterpress & kit

We have recently refurbished a Craftsmen Superior 6.5 x 10 tabletop letterpress printing press.  Please see pictures below.  The restoration included the following:

Inspection, repair and/or replacement of any missing, non-working parts to near or better than new condition

Blast to bare cast iron

Prime and finish coat paint with industrial grade paint and primer

Hand painted detail, pin-striping & flourishing by a professional, renowned artist

Working surface and interface burnish

This press is ready to rock upon arrival—no components to search for to make this complete—it is ready for work and display bragging rights!  This package includes new rollers, a chase, and (as always!) our thorough starter’s kit which you can see below (a $200 value).

or can be seen on at:

The Craftsmen Superior is one of three presses made from the same design—that of the Chandler & Price Pilot (also 6.5” x 10” and as it happens, the only tabletop press C&P ever made).  The other two are the C&P Pilot and the Hohner/APC Pilot, made in Germany.  There is a great deal of postulation involved in comparing these three presses.  In truth, the mechanical evidence is that they are essentially equals—an idea floated to me by my father, Dave Churchman and supported by me tearing down and rebuilding many more than 100 presses. The old man was right (as usual). From a buyer/user’s standpoint, the reality is that any “improvement” or “betterment” of one over the other is undetectable to the user and based more on speculation or user preference—a real splitting of hairs. Designs on the Craftsmen and C&P changed over the years and improvements on each were implemented model over model for 50+ years. All this said, to an entrepreneurial or hobby lettepresser, this would be like comparing the driving experience of a Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini after reading about them on the internet and then only owning one.  No real comparison can be made like this—especially considering they’re all essentially the same market price.

Buy with confidence, this press is the top of the food chain. Period.

A deposit to hold will be accepted.  I am happy to ship this press internationally, price TBD depending on location.  Shipping in continental US is estimated at $200 - $400 depending on location.  The press is located in Indianapolis and distance increases cost.  That said,  strive very hard to minimize shipping/handling costs to keep budgets in line.

Please contact Andrew for questions or more information.


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