10x15 windmill

Heidelberg 10x15 “Windmill” Platen, Black Ball.

Accepting reasonable offers.

Press is located in Brooklyn, ground level. Can load onto your truck or you can get a liftgate. This press has a functioning ink train, good grippers, and holds register well.

Comes with:

One set of used but print-worthy rollers/trucks/bearings with the press.

Includes Brass Lay guides and a couple pins.

1 set of Red Suckers.

Press will come with some accessories and attachments, such as auxiliary standards for feeding smaller stock, etc.

Does not include wrenches or tools; didn’t come with any, and I’ll need them for the next machine, but it’s about 65.00 for a full set of spanners and a flat-head screwdriver or two for the press. You’ll need a box spanner to adjust the lay guides, as well, or a deep offset box wrench.
(You can purchase most of the relevant spanners and tools easily at most hardware stores and the box spanner for lay adjustment is available from several vendors online and mailorder.)

I’ve done some very tight, dead on register work with this machine at high speeds. It inks well, impression is good, and the feeding system positions accurately. Adjustable impression functions as it should.

The fountain has some tight keys. It was like this when I received it.
The delivery air blast knob- the one on the right/delivery side of the press- has a cracked handle, but functions as intended. I just turn it with a wrench. I do not know how easy this is to replace, but- it works.

Electrical is 3 phase, I have it wired to a cutoff switch on the wall right next to the machine, as the on/off on the machine was not functional when I got it to my location. Switch is still in place, and can certainly be wired by a person with knowledge of such things.

If you’re local, feel free to come and print test it.

Video of this press printing:

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