Rollers: Vandercook No. 4 Form Rollers


I have a set of Vandercook No. 4 FORM Roller cores.
Just the rollers- they’re going to need to be recovered, so I’m selling them as ‘just the cores’ rather than as working rubber form rollers.
PLEASE NOTE: This does not include the roller rack, the gears, etc- JUST THE CORES.

I used to have this press, sold it, found these rollers buried in a stack of other stuff in a box, and there you have it.

Pricing: on a supplier who carries new/made to order items, “Per core”, it’s $207.00. I would happily let these go for 75.00 each (150.00 total, for 2 cores), PLUS the cost of shipping.

They’re already in a box, ready to go- if you purchase them, I’d also be happy to forward them directly to a roller recovery service of your choice provided you deal directly with them wrt recovery, save you shipping to you first.

Pictures upon request, but you know what they look like and you can expect fully usable cores to come out of the box.

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