Overlaption :: Linoleum Printing in Layers

If you’ve been looking to add depth and texture to your prints while practicing linoleum carving and honing your printing skills, look no further! Taking advantage of perfect registration, uniform inking, and transparent inks on SFCB’s Vandercook Cylinder presses, the instructor will work with each student to add layers and graphic elements to a small series of prints.

Students will carve three linoleum blocks: two with simple shapes and one with a more detailed image. Printed together these blocks will overlap and create beautiful, layered, spontaneous images on press. Discussions and demonstrations will include the design of overlapping shapes, materials, carving techniques for linoleum printing, as well as mixing ink and paper choice. Students will work individually on multiple blocks, printing their own small edition of three-color prints on the letterpress.

*This workshop will take place on Friday, September 29, 2017 from 10am-5pm.

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