1850s Krause Leipzig hot foiling press - reduced price!

A colleague of mine who is an expert in these presses has dated this beauty from 1850-1860 based on it’s hand-engraved serial number plate. It is certainly the oldest he has seen.

Originally gas-fired it is in amazing shape, electrified and digitized for work in a bookbinding or printing shop.

I brought it over a few years ago from Germany where it spent many years well cared for as a decoration in a front office. It has been equipped with a custom heat resistant S7 steel plate which has a 9.5” x 12” stamping area. The press has three 1000w heating elements controlled by a digital P.I.D. reading in celsius. It has a 25’ plug and is set up for 220 20amp power. It can be plugged in or the plug removed and hard wired.

It has a wide throat, adjustable height for accommodating leather, paper, thick books, boxes, wood etc. and a sliding plate for aligning the stamping substrate.

As stated it is in amazing shape and is a museum piece in it’s own right and works perfectly, heating up in minutes and holding it’s heat flawlessly.

The press dimensions are 60”H x 30”D x 34”W. It weighs 675lbs. I will have it strapped to a skid measuring 40” x 48” and I can put it right on whatever truck you arrange to have come get it. We have no loading dock so a liftgate is necessary.

$1500. Buyer must arrange for pickup in Jersey City, NJ 07307.

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