Golding Pearl #4

Golding Pearl in Rare 5 X 8 size - I have completely stripped and re-painted the entire press so its clean. It has a 110V motor with belt that runs the press at variable speeds. A treadle can be used, however does not come with one.

You will need new rollers which cost $170 for two - I can show you where to get them. The press comes apart into 3 pieces for easy transport and can load into a van or large trunk. (two people needed)

The inner chase size is the rare 5 X 8 which is in demand as it is the smaller size being used by art students. I am asking $1250 which is a good price and the press needs to move out quickly as I am moving out of state. Easy access from my building, ground floor with big overhead garage door entry.

For more info or to see press call: 631-682-7669

I have many other items too if interested including a Restored 10 x 15 C&P press and a Heidelberg Windmill press.

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