Letterpress shop liquidation Cincinnati, OH

Letterpress shop in Cincinnati being liquidated over the next two weeks. All material priced below is available for pick up in Cincinnati no later than Saturday, 9/23. Items are priced to move but we are open to any reasonable offers. If you need moving assistance with any of the big items, I can refer you to someone.

-C & P 10” x 15” New Series, non-original treadle attached.
Motor and belt also included, with 3 good rollers & 3 chases $650

-C & P 6.5” x 10” Pilot Old Series w/repaired handle (not pictured—pics can be provided upon request). With new rollers and my starter’s kit (http://www.briarpress.org/47356). Press is complete and ready to print, fantastic bargain, $1,350

-Golding 24.5” manual paper cutter $350

-Hamilton Double type cabinets with slanted tops
Paneled wood version: $295 (only side pictured…super sweet cabinet, if you need a show piece, this is it at a steal)
Grey metal version: $195 (can be broken into two singles)
NOTE: These cabs currently have matching cases full of type in them. This type is not included in price above but some of the full cases can be negotiated into the deal at wholesale prices, est. $20 per full type case and we’re motivated to make an attractive package price. Fonts available are Bodoni, Caslon and similar shop fonts.

-Reglet cabinet (full): $95

-Reglet cabinet (mostly empty): $65

-Small book press: $60

-Slug cutter: $25

-Slug miterer: $35

-Drying racks: $80 each, 3 available. $195 for all three.
Approximately 27” square

Other odds and ends commonly found in a print shop are available. Best to peruse when you come to pick up any item above.

Thanks for looking…

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