Vandercook 4 + supplies - $11,000

Vandercook 4 for sale, includes set of inks and several supplies and spare parts

Includes 2 spare rollers
one roll of tympan
roll of adhesive polymer backing
3 boxcar bases, 1 large, 2 small
1 stocked shelf of furniture
several quoins, pallet knives, and other miscellaneous spare parts
wide assortment of rubber based van son inks
large boxcar adhesive base

Serial #: 17324
length: 6’ 5”
width: 2’ 5” (2’ 10” with the crank handle)
Power: standard 110 volt plug (running a1/4 HP motor)
Weight: 1100 lbs

Purchased in 2012 from Steve @ letterpreservation after it was reconditioned with new bearings, rollers, nyliners, bushings, springs, gripper etc.

Press is in great condition and has been used to print book covers for the last 5 years without incident. Delivers great impressions and has been lovingly cared for but the business is now closed….

more pics and test prints available upon request

pick up location has standard loading dock

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