Free Chandler & Price Model N 8 X 12

I have a good set of printing equipment which is free to a good home.

* Chandler & Price Model N 8 x 12 (disassembled for moving out of a basement, will need patience and cleaning to reassemble)
* 4 or 5 chases
* Type cabinet with 22 fonts including serif and sans in a variety of sizes
* Trays of leads and slugs
* Various quoins and keys
* Letterpress ruler
* 15-20 9 x 13 galley trays
* Packages of tympan & packing

All of this is free to anyone who wants to pick it up. It’s currently being kept in a storage facility in Buffalo, NY.

As stated above, the press itself was disassembled for moving out of a basement. The main body of the press still weighs 400-500 pounds, so a truck with a loading ramp and a few helpers are definitely needed to load this stuff up.

Email me if interested.

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image: Main body of press

Main body of press

image: Installation and Operation instructions

Installation and Operation instructions

image: Equipment in its storage room

Equipment in its storage room