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I had planned to do private press books later in life but the computer revolution changed all that over time. Anyway … enclosed is a list of the items I have. The Ryder type is very nice (no power press usage) from Ryder Type Company in Chicago. The text faces (Goudy) have double fonts in the drawers. Plus a lot of mortised letters for kerning.

The Ludlow cabinets, drawers, plastic type came from a type shop that was getting rid of the plastic type and cabinets that held the type. The plastic fonts are complete. There
was a machine that was used to take a picture of the type and reverse print it for headline typesetting. Its ancient stuff. In order to have more fonts (similar to the plastic stuff)
somebody bought foundry type and (spray?) painted the face in black and then rolled some white paint over that to get the same effect as the plastic type. I don’t think it would take much to get the paint off the face but I haven’t tried it. There are a number of interesting fonts. The painted face type is new(er) (never in a press) so it should be sharp.

Anyway, with the resurging interest in letterprss printing for cards etc., I thought it might be a good time to sell the items and gain some space back in my basement. If you are interested in doing some talking or visiting at some point (north central Illinois) write me or call at 815-579-9628 (cell).

I also have a number of typebooks (somewhat recent) from typehouses in Chicago showing their foundry offerings.

I am primarily interested in a total sale, rather than piecemealing it out.

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