Looking for Sources and suggestions for newsprint

Hello all,
I am interested in using newsprint for proofing on my Challenge flatbed press. Any suggestions for what weight to get? Also any sources that any have used?
I am probably looking for about 12 x 18 sheets.

Thank you!
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If you have a local newspaper, they might sell the roll ends of their newsprint for a very low price. I know that I have purchased these before.

They are not cut into sheets, they are literally the rolls that they print from when they get toward the end.

Try your local fish and chip shop, a ream is about £7 tho about one sheet in ten has a crease. The size is amazing, still cut to the old size - ”[Medium”, 23 x 18! I suppose cod fish haven’t changed their size much despite decimalisation!.
This is UK specific by the way. Call in when its quiet and ask for the gaffer.

I purchased a case of Newsprint from my local paper supplier, and it was quite reasonable in price. It was a case of 24”x36” sheets (maybe 800-1000 sheets).

For smaller quantities and sheet sizes, check with art supply shops in your area or online. I know that Dick Blick stocks it in smaller size reams. I believe it is also available from U-line in the shipping supplies and packaging area on their website and catalog.

John Henry
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I had to pack up some stuff for moving and then used this from Amazon..


Works fine for proofing on my Vandercook. Neil