Remington Press Completely Restored

I had this super sweet Remington Press completely restored by T & T Restoration in Minnesota. They did a beautiful job and everything works perfectly. I just received it summer ‘17.

The reality is, I love my Showcard Press and wanted something comparable as I prefer the Showcard for doing public workshops so I am selling my Remington and holding out for a new Showcard.

As I understand it, the Remington Press is made by Remington gun manufactures, but I have not been able to find any information. It has a really cool counter on it that trips after each print. As you can see, I have only made 31 prints. You can easily print 7” wide by 11” long, possibly longer I have not tried. There are two galley trays as the rollers are above type high so you will need packing. You can also adjust the height of the roller. There are all kinds of arms and levers on this, though I am not sure what roll they play. The press comes in an excellent crate that could be shipped anywhere.

Since I know so little about this press I included loads of photos in an album on FB.
$1000 plus shipping or free pick up

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