Fall Sale, Proof Press, Iron Hand, Vandercook, Litho Press

Letterpreservation is offering the following items for sale:

2 (one press remains) Reprex model 1 proof presses, both are rebuilt with new rubber, paint, etc. and are print tested. We are extremely happy with the results and you will be too! Asking $7,500 each obo. This model is similar to a manual SP-15 except prints 4” longer, they are from the 60’s and have many more years left in them, I guarantee you will be happy with the consistency, ease and quality of impression.

Various Vandercook parts for models ranging from the SP and UNI series to 219 and #4 presses. Roller cores, springs, grippers, side-guides, micro-switches, motors (UNI-I), etc. email with requirements

C&P Pilot and Craftsmen parts including broom handles, new shovel handles, ink discs, frames, arms, etc.

Wood flat files (2 banks of 5) on wheeled base with lid (tabletop) $699.

Table-top 1870’s Albion hand press with frisket, $8,500. OBO

Conrad combination presses (2) $3,000. each OBO.

Takach Litho press 3460, $6,900. Please note: we can and have converted numerous litho presses to combination etching/ litho with 10” rollers, email for pricing.

AFT, American French Tool Litho press, $5,900. This also can be converted to a combo!

multiple 24 case metal cabs, mostly cal cases. some even match! inquire.

Lastly we are working on an AB Taylor Table-top “Hat-tip Press”, one of only 2 known examples. This press is American made (NYC) somewhere between 1845 and 1858, making it almost as old as Steve Saxe! Serious inquires, please.

We can crate and ship world-wide and may be able to deliver as we do travel alot. We will be in Atlanta before turkey-day, Texas thereafter and who knows where else.

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image: reprex (6).jpg

reprex (6).jpg

image: 68reprex (5).jpg

68reprex (5).jpg

image: 68reprex (4).jpg

68reprex (4).jpg

image: wood file3 (2).jpg

wood file3 (2).jpg

image: AFTlitho30.jpg


image: Takach32 (6).jpg

Takach32 (6).jpg

image: Dickerson combo pc2 (2).jpg

Dickerson combo pc2 (2).jpg

image: wood flat file (4).jpg

wood flat file (4).jpg

image: 20170801_104325.jpg


image: 20170801_104428.jpg