presses, cabinet, cuts and more cuts

I have to shrink my shoppe so it fits into my new house. Must part with the following:

7x11 Pearl OS, beautiful and in great shape with good rubber rollers, newer wooden drawers, print-ready, comes with chase, $2350

4 extra Pearl 7x11 chases $100 each, or $75 each if you buy the press; I won’t sell these until the press sells.

7x11 C&P, just-installed new treadle from Bindery Tools, could use new rollers, comes with chase, $1500 (I might change my mind about this one)

Metal type cabinet missing some cases $75

Jillions of cuts, $1-$8 each by size, or random shoeboxful for $25, or $100 for plastic tubful—I can’t take pix of all. The thought of having to do that is just too overwhelming. If you collect something or are looking for a certain subject matter, let me know and I will try to check for it. I have much of the contents of an old metro daily newspaper ad shop, if that gives a clue about what/how much stuff I have. Lots of sports, commercial, holidays, etc.

Please, serious inquiries only. Pick up near Minneapolis, or shipping up to buyer. Everything is on the ground floor. Come ‘n’ get it before the snow flies for real.

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