Farley 12, grippers, feedboard, locking bar !!! UK

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The Rolls Royce of UK rollover proof presses, a Farley 12 with a maximum sheet size of 18”x28”. Great for posters.

This press has it all!

*Grippers and feed board with adjustable sidelay enable multi colour work to be undertaken with perfect register.Slurs are prevented as the sheet only makes contact with the inked forme at point of impression.

*Locking bar ( when was the last time you saw a Farley with that original item?)

*Adjustable height roller

*Original stand with integral ink slab.

This press has been fully dismantled and sympathetically refurbished. Each and every one of its eight bearings have been replaced with new ones and is now as accurate as the day it was made.It is smooth and easy in its action.

Roller covering is original and free from nicks and dents.This press has been looked after during its 40/50/60 ? years of life.

All paint is original, and naturally shows signs of use. I am a great believer in never repainting old machinery…I just think they look better in their original livery. I just hate hiding the history.

Ideally I would like the press collected, but can arrange delivery at extra cost.

Located in Canterbury, Kent.

£1750 ono

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