Poco 0 Proof Press

Potter/Hacker/Vandercook Poco Proof Press, Model 0. Badge and serial number dates it to the Hacker company ownership. Has a 12x18” bed that can be adjusted to sit from 0.968” galley height to 0.918” type high. Comes with extras including original cabinet (in beautiful condition!) on wheels, roller with stand, bearers, tons of furniture, 12x18” chase, Challenge Black Beauty 12x18” galley. Can also include cans of ink and woodcarving supplies. Great for large type and woodblocks. No grippers, manual inking, reciprocating bed. Located in Waldo neighborhood in Kansas City, Missouri on ground level. Press is easily taken off cabinet and both it and the cabinet be moved into a car easily. Press itself weighs 210 pounds and can be moved by two people. Has been thoroughly cleaned and refurbished. $1200 OBO, needs to be moved by January 1st.

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image: IMG_4934.JPG