Chandler and Price (C&P) 10X15

We are selling a Chandler and Price 10X15 letterpress. This press was restored and originally sold by Don Black in 2012. It has been used to print greeting cards in our home studio since then. We are reluctantly parting ways with it as we have upgraded to a windmill. It comes complete with 3 new rollers and delrin trucks. A wall mounted roller rack is also included. It is treadle driven and does not have a motor. It is however set up with a separate sprocket for using with a motor. It has been well taken care of and prints like a dream. The rails have been taped type high, and inking is even and precise. We have been printing photopolymer plates on it for the last five years. To the best of our knowledge, it does not have any welds or breaks. The treadle (pedal) does appear to have been repaired at some point however it has been professionally welded and this does not affect the operation. This press is ready to print, and we would happy to demonstrate it in use. Buyer is responsible for moving press, and no warranty is offered or expressed. We assume no liability once press is sold, and is offered as is.

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