Heidelberg and Kluge - parts presses

Note: Heidelberg sold to Whittenburg, Inc. If you need parts for a Heidelberg, look them up. A few parts are still available from the Kluge.

My family owns a scrap metal recycling business, and when two presses were brought to them, I was of course the one they called! We have a 10 x 15 Heidelberg red ball and a 12 x 18 Kluge. I ended up having a good conversation with the gentleman who sold them, a letterpress enthusiast himself, and concluded they are in too bad of shape for me to tackle as a project.

The yard is a working business and can’t keep these sitting around, but I wanted to post them here. If you are wanting a project press for cheap or want to pick up a parts press, please get in touch with me as soon as you can! If we can’t find a buyer pretty quickly, these presses will have to be scrapped.

You can email for more photos. (Note: the presses did not get rained on!).

Located in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, just 30 minutes south of Nashville. We can help you load them up.

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