Showcard model 7 x 11 Sign / Proof Press - Fully Rebuilt

Fully rebuilt Showcard model 7 x 11 Sign / Proof Press. Very heavy-duty small presses (made for Showcard by Vandercook) , these include bed grippers and typeholders.

Press is fully reconditioned, including bearings if needed, new gray paint, type bars (not pictured) and bed plate. Roller is trued or recovered if needed and entire unit is adjusted for type-high. The rebuilt presses are as close to factory new and will print flawlessly.

Photos below show a rebuilt unit with a heavier dead bar in lieu of the typeholder bars. Typeholder bars and standard grid plate available, buyer preference.

Specifications from Showcard allow a print area slightly larger than 7 x 11 but area is closer to 8” in width and overlength sheets may be printed — can use the bars with grooved type or may be locked up within the outer frame using quoins and furniture — great for use with a small press chases…can be used as a small galley proof press with bed plate removed. This is a very versatile press and bed plate can be packed underneath or rollers adjusted to vary the impression if needed. This is very much a “portable” press and has heavy-duty features in a compact and light package.

Asking $995 plus shipping. (I can make all shipping arrangements for buyer — can ship UPS or FedEx, either within the US or internationally)

Please contact me if interested in the press or if you have further questions.

I have several other proof presses, (Showcard A and B, Nolan, Challenge, Vandercook Roller-type), grooved type, cabinets, etc. Let me know of interest.

Thanks for looking!

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image: 1021151255.jpg