Standing Galley Type Cabinet

I have a Standing Galley Type Cabinet for sale or trade. I got this cabinet last year from a university that was getting rid of all of their lead type (they kept the Vandercook, of course). All of the type has been emptied from the cabinet and is not included in the sale.

The cabinet is in decent shape, but could use a little TLC. Included are 15 out of 18 cases of varying ages. 1 quad cap case, 2 triple cap cases, 2 lower cases, and 10 California job cases.

Three of the cases need new bottoms, and a few of the cases have broken dividers. One of the California cases has termite damage, but it is still structurally sound. Some of the cases had handles at one point, but none were attached when I got the cabinet.

This item is for pickup only. I work at a local college, and that is where I have the cabinet stored. I can arrange for a better look at the cabinet Mon-Fri during normal business hours (8am-8pm). Asking $200.

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