#4 219 Vandys TaylorHatPress, Brand & Takach Etching Presses

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Vandercook #4T s/n 9930, bed up restoration, new wiring, paint, polish, rubber, etc. Ready to print. Asking 15,995 obo

Vandercook 219NS rebuilt bed up restoration, new wiring, paint, stain, polish, rubber, bushings etc.(pics March 15th) Accepting offers now, 15,995.

Historically significant A B Taylor Hat Press, circa 1850 (that makes it a little older than Steve Saxe). I unearthed this beauty a while back and found time last month to get her together. The teal color is accurate along with all hardware. I stripped what little paint that remained and repainted, I also filled the bed and platen with steel based epoxy and painstakingly sanded them flat. Nothing else has been replaced or modified. There are 2 small corners of the bed casting that look to be cracked off, however there is very little info and but one line drawing of this press so it is difficult to ascertain what, if anything more than corners are missing. There is a #12 stamped on the pressure screw below the toggle, no other nomenclature is present. As seen in the pics part of “NEW” is missing, a casting flaw. I have yet to address the wooden handle as I have not decided what color to stain it. Entertaining offers of 5 figures.

Charles Brand 28x48” etching press with newer bed, 1” benelex 27x48 bed plate (pics next week) 6500.

Takach 3460 combination Etching-Lithography Press with brand new 10” top roller (pics end of March) 9000.

All equipment we offer is guaranteed and we deliver, ship (worldwide), install and teach. If you want to take one for a spin here in Rising Sun we have new B&B like accommodations with private baths and welcome the visit.

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image: V-4T (8).jpg

V-4T (8).jpg

image: V-4T.jpg


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V-4T (2).jpg

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V-4T (3).jpg

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V-4T (4).jpg

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V-4T (6).jpg

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V-4T (7).jpg

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brand 28 (2).jpg

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brand 28 (4).jpg

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brand 28 (6).jpg

image: brand 28.jpg

brand 28.jpg

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AB TAYLOR (4).jpg

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