Miscelaneous type, cabinets, and equipment

I moved and had to consolidate my hobby shop into a much smaller space. I have 2 double bank, wooden, slant top Hamilton cabinets and 96 job cases—84 with type as well as other miscellaneous letterpress equipment. None of this is junk (I’ve already salvaged the incomplete fonts, etc), Everything is in a garage with easy access to an alley. Prices negotiable.

2 double banked wood Hamilton cabinets with slant tops (each holds 48 full sized job cases with various fonts and type-- a lot of Cheltenham, swing bold, airport condensed title, bodoni, Bernhard gothic, Shaw text, etc. 84 job cases have type (several with two fonts, 12 are unlabeled), 12 are empty. Corner rounder on cast iron base with one die Perforator on cast iron base 22 Inch guillotine paper cutter with two blades electric paper jogger miscellaneous galley trays, mallets, composition sticks several packages of lead and slugs waiting for you to cut to length two slug and lead cutters (one mountable, one hand) two furniture racks--one small and one large, both full complete set of metal furniture Several pounds each of sorted (6 pt to 72 point) spacing materials (ens, ems, quads, etc) (all 6 pt in one box, 30 pt in another, etc)

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