Vicobold Parallel Platen and Other Presses

I’ve finally finished my studio/shop in the backyard and don’t have enough space to keep all the presses I’ve acquired/rescued/bought over the years. The following is a list of presses and other items that I’m selling instead of watching them collect dust in storage.

Vicobold parallel platen Press - $4000 OBO
I had this press delivered from the United Kingdom in 2015 and never found the time to use it as much as I’d hoped. It’s an incredibly capable Press with a relatively small footprint. Easy impression adjustment and great impression strength. Adjustable rails and great inking system—similar to a Heidelberg Windmill. Comes complete with the rare ink fountain and related rollers. Form rollers will need to be recovered ($65 each from Ramco). Currently wired to 220v power.

12x18 Chandler & Price Craftsman - $2000 OBO
This was a side-fed automatic that I have converted to a hand-fed press. It’s been fully restored and has four brand new rollers (with trucks and bearings). Impression is adjustable by knob/dial instead of using cumbersome platen bolts. Probably one of the best handfed platens ever made and weighs probably 3200-3500 lbs. Motor is variable speed and currently wired for 110v. Ink fountain is incomplete but could probably be finished off with parts from the Dunhams in Deep River, Iowa.

10x15 Open Kluge - $1500 OBO
A rare hand-fed and (very) late model Kluge press. Probably from 1965 or so. Comes with four rollers (with trucks and bearings) that will probably need to be replaced if you plan to do fine printing. Has all the bells and whistles of a very late model platen including precision ink disc advance, four form rollers, adjustable and extended rails and lowering ink disc, Press has a working ink fountain and is currently wired as 220v.

10x15 Heidelberg Windmill - $2000 OBO
Standard red ball windmill from 1960. In excellent condition. Feeds, prints, and registers well. Comes with typical accessories but will require new rollers. Currently running on a single phase 220v motor.

27” Potdevin Hot Gluer - $1000 ($750 with Rotary press)
Good condition and works well. Will need some cleaning as it’s been in storage for a few years.

30” Potdevin Rotary Press - $1000 ($750 with hot gluer)
Good condition and works well. Will need some cleaning as it’s been in storage for a few years.

All equipment is at ground level for easy loading onto your trailer. Located in Iowa City. Pick up is preferred or buyer makes any and all freight arrangements.

Happy to answer any questions and provide additional photos or video to anyone with serious interest.

Make me an offer. You might be surprised.

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