Seeking new Partner for established commercial shop

Seeking potential partners for a new business venture I have considered undertaking.

I am seeking a partner to take on commercial projects and start a new, separate business jointly with me. I will help with comms, supply all the equipment/space (I already have it turn key!), and can help with some of the pre-press/post-press work where necessary.
Business would need 50% funding (I will match partner’s seed money, contractually obligated to stay in business), which we would determine based on a mutually agreed to plan. Seed money would go towards purchase of consumable supplies such as ink etc. specific to business; as explained below, non-consumables are already taken care of. Seed money would also go towards liability insurance, purchase of paper for jobs as needed, etc etc.

The idea is that I work together with another individual to cultivate and grow a commercially geared stationery printing business handling wedding, business related printing, and other job/invitation/greeting card/etc needs of clients in NYC, which we will advertise to capture together.

Simple summary of me and the space: I own a functioning printshop in Brooklyn, NYC. Four presses, platemaker/film output in house, very nice programmable cutter, and all the other essentials to go from image to finished cut prints in a variety of formats from 16x20 image down to greeting or calling cards. The shop is quite well set up. However, I don’t have a taste for commercial printing, and prefer to execute artist editions.

Of late, I have exclusively been providing multi-color printing of artwork, as well as other items related to art projects such as carefully made work like colophons, maps, title pages etc. for portfolios, executed with photopolymer plates to design specs supplied by clients.
I used to do many business cards and stationery items, but I just don’t look for that sort of work and tend to hand it off.

However, in the pool of NYC talent there are likely to be other talented printers who have no press, who might be renting time or might aspire to capture a space and make a shop; neither is an easy path to go down alone, so why not partner up and cultivate a business that could be mutually beneficial and able to scale as time moves on? There is a lot of opportunity out there- I field emails fairly often without even advertising for this, and forward on the things I am uninterested in working on.

In case you are wondering, this is not a SCAM- for more info and a legitimate contact, reply to this ad. I simply do not wish to front my already-operating business name on the site in connection to this advert.

Applicants should be:
I am looking for someone who can already print well,
who will be willing to collaborate on working with customers directly, and who is motivated to grow a business together.
Additionally, you should be financially savvy and willing to help navigate some of the formation aspects of this new company.
Know paper, know ink, know your process, know color, but you don’t have to know finishing or platemaking. I can help with these aspects- pre-press, post-press. It’s a bonus if you know them or are willing to learn, I can teach- I can also do capably in every aspect listed above.

Female, male, straight, gay, people of color, this is an inclusive city and I welcome all applicants who love letterpress, love printing, and love printing great design with great attention to detail.

Thanks for reading and I hope this reaches someone who could find it to be useful!

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