Kluge Automatic Feeder

I recently acquired a 10x15 Old Style C&P, and am removing the existing Kluge paper feeder and elevator and replacing with a feed board. Posting here to find anyone who may be interested in having the Kluge contraption for their own press (or for spare parts for their own Kluge). I’d prefer to sell the Kluge for a discounted price in exchange for technical advice on its proper removal and the conversion of the press to a hand-fed setup. I’m asking $200, but it’s negotiable based on trade offers.

The press was sitting unused in a building protected from the elements since the late 80s, and everything is in decent condition. All of the parts of the press and feeding mechanisms still move as they should, and as far as I can tell there is nothing missing from its original, functioning condition. Please respond if interested in acquiring the Kluge automatic feeder, or if you have any words of wisdom to share from having completed a similar project.


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image: kluge1.jpg


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