C&P 10x15 & Print Shop

We are offering a complete letterpress and offset shop. The shop includes the following equipment:

A C&P, 10x15, new style letterpress. It was manufactured between 1918 and 1919, serial number C57157, has the parts list and all original factory literature. Press operates on 240 volts ac. (no foot treadle but one can be added to this nice machine) and is still operated by him from time to time. Condition is good. The ink fountain is large size (12”). This is a hand fed Chandler & Price letterpress $2499.

The press was acquired by E. H. Walker Printers Supply from the Mayflower Hotel in Washington, D.C. 1955, refurbished completely by them and then resold to my father in 1956. The press is currently housed about an hour from Washington, D. C. and is stored at his home located in Charles Town, WV. The press is on ground level and can be loaded completely assembled into a transport vehicle.

Other print shop items are a variety of types ranging in point sizes and styles produced by American Type Founders, Baltimore Type Foundry and others. There are 42 California type cases with type in all and one cabinet. $699

Also, an IDEAL floor model guillotine paper cutter, Model #2015, with a second sharp cutter blade in case. This is a 26.5 inch cutter. The lever handle was welded at one time. Balance of table top and construction is cast iron and steel. The top is calibrated in 1/2” divisions. $599.

Additional shop items are: Lead cutter, ACME tabletop saddle stitcher/stapler, wood furniture in assorted lengths and point sizes,

For offset printing there is a Multilith 1250 offset press. It’s probably 10x15 inches and NEW ARC exposure and vacuum frame which could possibly be adapted to photopolymer exposure, GBC manual paper punch for plastic spiral binding and assorted plastic binding combs,to shoot film, there is a KENRO process camera, Model 2600, and assorted darkroom as well as most of the items used by a print shop. All the offset stuff for $799.

This setup is a great way for a neophyte to get started in the letterpress printing business. To encourage you we will sell EVERYTHING for $3999. This is a very inexpensive way to get a complete shop

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