Letterpress Shop

I am selling my letterpress shop. I would like to sell it complete but will consider selling in pieces. All equipment is in good condition and ready to work. If you buy it all I will include a lot of extras needed to run a shop and print. The equipment is as follows.

10x15 C&P New Style with ink fountain. I believe I am the second owner of this press. It is in very good condition with a variable speed drive.

10x15 Heidelberg Windmill. This is a late model black ball press that works very well.

Challenge 305 cutter with micro cut digital readout. Cutter is very good shape with extra knives.

Hamilton composing table with furniture. It has lots of extra storage for chases and tools.

There are extra chases, quoins, several boxcar bases, lead spacing, and misc. Price for everything is $5000.00

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