FAG Swiss Proof 40

For Sale: FAG Swiss Proof 40

Reluctantly selling this beautiful press to allow more space in my studio. Have owned the press since 2012 and has been used consistently to print various posters, event invitations, and business cards. It was purchased directly from FAG Graphic Systems SA in Switzerland.

The Swiss Proof 40 was officially presented at Drupa 1972 in Düsseldorf, Germany. FAG completed their very high standing Control modell line with the MRS update and the two simpler – they call it the «Volkswagen» of the proofing presses – Swiss Proof model line.

The power has been converted to support US 250V.

It comes with your basic tools, tympan, packing paper, and a boxcar metal base to meet the .918 type high needs.

Please contact me for any additional details including pricing. I can also share additional pictures or finished work from the press.

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