Vandercook SP-15 in San Francisco

Hi, all. I have an SP-15 in excellent working condition, located at The Center for the Book in San Francisco. I believe I am the 2nd owner of the press: I purchased it in 2004 from a retired local newspaper printer in Delaware. It has been used and maintained since I have owned it. I used it for a personal stationery business but life got in the way. :) So in 2012 I lent it to the Center for the Book where it has been lovingly used and maintained for the past 6 years. Alas, my days of professional printing have passed and it’s time to pass it on.

The press is easily moved as it is on ground floor. Local pick up or shipping is fine.

I’m listing the price at $10K OBO as I mean to recuperate some of my expenses over the years. :) I know it’s a great little work horse and can provide joy and income to another printer.

Feel free to email me. Arrangements can be made to see it by appointment.

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image: SP15CenterBook.jpg


image: SP15Side.jpg


image: SP15Bed.jpg


image: SP15Rollers.jpg


image: SP15Rollers2.jpg


image: SP15OnPress.jpg


image: SP15SerialNumber.jpg