Chandler & Price Pilot, fully restored, custom cart

Chandler & Price Pilot tabletop letterpress printing press, fully restored. This press has no breaks or welds, and no missing pieces. The bed and platen are smooth and undamaged. It does not have a feed table, because it has an unusual custom double-sided lever for which the feed table was removed when the press was new. The levers are each made with the bottom part of an original lever casting, welded to a heavy tubing handle with a clamp at the top, and a stirrup handle which can be used on either side. The press was originally used in a rehabilitational hospital (1950s-60s), and the levers were set up with cords and pulleys attached to the original table so it could be used by a seated operator. It was recovered from this building before demolition, and was likely lightly used in the years before it was finally stored.

The rollers are like new, recovered by Ramco. The roller rails are shimmed up (as with almost any older platen press) with stainless steel tape to suit the current trucks and rollers. The press was disassembled down to the last piece, all rust removed, and spray primed and painted. I used Rustoleum primer, and Smoke Gray paint (widely available) for easy touchup. Non-painted parts were brushed/buffed on a wheel, and waxed or oiled. There is a bit of easily removed surface rust here and there on the raw metal pieces due to Florida humidity. The wooden board has not been stripped or refinished, just cleaned up and waxed. All oiling points have been marked in red and yellow in the Heidelberg fashion.  

Includes a chase with an aluminum base from Elum (similar to Boxcar base) and four additional chases. They are original C&P chases with no cracks or welds. Inside chase dimensions are 6.5 x 10 inches.

Also included is a rolling cart I made for the press. It is made of maple-faced plywood with heavy duty casters, and places the press at the intended height for use. I’m not a professional woodworker but it is sturdy. The photos show the press bolted to two wooden runners I used for transport, with D-rings for easily strapping the press in for safety. The last photo shows one of the four plates the press was originally set on. They are currently removed from the top of the cart - once the press is in a more final location, the plates can be screwed onto the tabletop, and the press then removed from the transport runners, and set down on the four threaded posts. 

This press is ready to use and worked perfectly for us. Local pickup would be ideal, but shipping could also be arranged.

$3000 or best offer. Thank you for reading this far!

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