Kelton D-cylinder etching press

Kelton D-cylinder etching press with 12 x 18 inch bed. No welds or breaks. Includes the cast iron steel side table. This press has a massive lower roller and good impressional strength. Overall dimensions (including arms) are 5 feet 6 inches in length, 2 feet 2 inches in width, and 6 feet 2 inches in height. Arms are each 34 inches in length. Nice condition. Does not include the original pins used to operate the upper roller adjustment, but the adjustment screws are working nicely and I used simple wood dowels to operate them. A “D-cylinder” press has the upper roller cut away so that it looks like a “D” from the side. This allows the bed to return to the ready-to print position after the impression is made. On this press, the return is automated, using a steel weight and an air cylinder to return the bed. The air cylinder has been rebuilt and is working. The press is at ground level and easily accessible.

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