Chandler & Price Pilot Press, type, rack; pick up only

We would like to sell or donate a Chandler & Price 205A Pilot printing press with accessories to someone who will move it locally using professional movers. We cannot help you load it ourselves. Press is located on a first floor room in Davis, California.

The press was last operated about 20 years ago, so it will need some TLC and oil. It was in good condition then, but we can’t guarantee it won’t need some repairs.

The accessories include: 1) a metal stand (cabinet?) that the press can be bolted onto 2) a large wooden Thompson Cabinet type rack with sets of type. The sets of type appear to be in type cases. As the type sets are currently wrapped in plastic wrap, I’m not sure what they include. It should be fun to look through them though.

Please contact me with questions and/or an offer. I have additional photos I can send. We would be interested in donating the lot to a school, college, or other non-profit group that will be responsible for contacting and paying professional movers.

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image: IMG_5721.jpg