Challenge quoins, 12x18 C&P truck wrench & chase,line gauges

Challenge Hi-Speed quoins, Five sizes from 3” up, work fine, save $$ over new! $12 each.. Wrenches to fit adjustable roller trucks for 12x18” C&P, rare part, regular wrench is too thick, $6 each. Also have a 12x18 C&P chase, $40 (not pictured). Line gauges, 12-18-24”, S5 each. Plus actual postage (UPS on chase). QUOINS can ship multiple quoins in small flat rate priority box if you want more than one. My pix aren’t uploading but email me for pictures.

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image: P1011544.JPG


image: P1011546.JPG


image: P1011553.JPG