c&p 8x12 1929

Selling my 8x12 C&P new style (1929), located in Braddock, PA, just outside of Pittsburgh - $850

-Includes an adjustable speed motor (dayton adjustable speed motor 2z846) - needs to be hooked up with a belt.
-Flywheel is currently detached, for easier moving (should fit through a standard doorway).
-The press has a brake pedal as well.

Also available for additional cost + shipping (from Catskill, NY): roller cores, chases, quoins, some furniture, and metal type

Unfortunately, I haven’t printed on the press, but it appears to be in good shape. Video of it in motion (without motor) here: https://bit.ly/2RpMBR3

Buyer must arrange and pay for pick up/delivery, but I’m happy to provide a local contact if needed. The press is currently in a ground-level garage.

Feel free to email or text

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