Hamilton Type Cabinet 44 drawers

Good condition. I will attempt to sell complete, but will consider selling type separately. This came out of my print shop and fonts may or may not be all complete. Two drawers missing and one empty. Cash or Pay Pal only. Pick up in North East Texas. $1,200.
Font List:
6pt Goudy Bold
36pt. Goudy Bold incomplete / mixed with 10tp wedding text
10pt. Goudy Cursive
14pt. Goudy Cursive
14pt. Goudy Cursive
12pt Goudy Cursive
18pt. Goudy Cursive
24pt Goudy Cursive
30pt. Goudy Cursive
24pt. Typo-Shaded No. 1
18pt. Typo Shaded
24pt. Typo Shaded
6 pt. Wedding Text
12pt. Wedding Text
14pt. Wedding Text
18pt. Wedding Text
24pt. Wedding Text
8pt. Kaufman Bold
24pt Kaufman
10pt. Kaufman
6pt. Light Plate Gothic
12pt. Lt. Plate Gothic
12pt. Lt. Plate Gothic
12pt. Plate Gothic Cond. No. 9
12pt. Bernhard fashion
14pt. Bernhard fashion
12pt. Park Avenue
12pt. Park Avenue
18pt. Park Avenue
18pt. Park Avenue
12pt Park Avenue
24pt. Park Avenue
12pt. Engravers Title No. 10
12pt. Liberty
14pt Liberty
18pt. Liberty
24pt. Liberty
24pt. Liberty
18pt. Bernhard Fashion
24pt. Sans Serif Bold
36pt. Bold Sans Serif
18pt. Script
24pt. Sans Serif Ext. Bold
24pt. Bold Cursive
8pt. Artcraft -incomplete
24pt. Art Craft incomplete

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