Large-Format Proof Presses — up to 30” x 44” — 3 available

Three excellent 30” x 44” proof / sign presses, all are ideal for large posters and prints. The first is a Masterprinter MI3044 Signpress Sign / Proof Press with stand, foot pedal grippers and inking system with carriage. The second is a Showcard DFS 30” x 45” model, with stand and foot pedal grippers. Both have adjustable impression and a typeholder system. The third is a Vandercook 03, slightly smaller, completely rebuilt and reground bed, has grippers and dead bar, 25.75” x 42” bed.

The first two are both late model units; the Masterprinter is from 1989 and the Showcard is one of the last made, dating to the late 1980’s as well. These have typeholder systems and both can be used as “magnetic” sign presses so that bars can be mounted anywhere on the bed. I can source magnets if interested. The Showcard comes with a steel “dead bar” that will allow for lockup right on the press bed, and also has a bed plate to allow for galley proofing. The Vandercook is from the late 30’s or early 40’s but, again, fully rebuilt, like-new.

The two non-rebuilt presses are in excellent condition. I normally rebuild all of my presses for sale, but the size and weight makes these both cumbersome. The Showcard impression roller and bearings are in excellent shape and the bed is in good condition with no dings or rust. The Masterprinter is also in excellent condition but as the impression rollers are notorious for degrading I had that one recovered – the inking carriage has new rubber rollers as well. All presses can be disassembled to move into a home studio or basement. They are heavy but within a weight range for a few people to manage.

I will post actual pictures of these over the weekend. I’ve been working on preparing both for several weeks and thought I would get a jump on listing. I have posted the catalog pages for both as a reference, and specs and info on the 03 are available online.

Asking $3,995 or best reasonable offer, plus shipping, for the Showcard. Asking $4,395 for the Masterprinter with the inking system, plus shipping. The fully rebuilt Vandercook 03 is $3,795 without stand and $4,295 with stand. I will gladly ship anywhere and can securely pack and crate, if needed. I can also make shipping arrangements at discount.

The last couple of these that I sold went to clients who needed mobile bases to allow for flexibility with their work areas. I have a local fabricator who has made a number of these for me, including bases for a Vandercook 4 and a Vandercook Universal III. These are constructed such that a heavy-duty mobile base with a locking mechanism will allow for accurate printing. Please inquire if this is of interest as well.

I also have several rebuilt Showcards, a nice Poco “0” press, Vandercook table top presses, Nolan and Challenge table-top presses, a Poco and a Potter press, as well as a couple of cylinder-type (Vandercook style) Challenge presses.

Please contact me if interested in the press or if you have further questions. Thanks for looking!

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image: Showcard DFS.jpg

Showcard DFS.jpg

image: MPI3044.jpg