5x8 table-top letterpress, table and type with spacers $650

This letterpress is designed for table-top use. It came from Yale when they closed down their letterpress program. It’s not branded but very heavy cast iron.

The cabinet it comes with is perfectly sized, sturdy and has built-in shelves for type storage. Made by the Thompson Cabinet Company. It’s a Printers Equipment table/cabinet.

There are a total of four chases included.

There are a set of unused rollers. Because they were never used, they are now a bit shriveled. They may still be useful or be used as a template to purchase a new set of rollers.

The type and spacers are all new-old-stock. All in unopened boxes. They include:

24pt century schoolbook bold
14pt century schoolbook bold
24pt copper plate gothic
6pt copper plate gothic
24pt Lydian
18pt Lydian
42pt spaces and quads
30pt foundry spaces
30pt foundry quads
14pt foundry spaces
24pt founrdy spaces
30pt assorted spaces
12pt old style
18 pt verona
10pt spartan bold
24pt bernhard gothic heavy
14pt modern
48pt times roman
42pt grotesque
… and more

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