1912 ATF catalog

The book is in fair condition with split binding; loose pages but still a great reference guide for letterpress enthusiasts. I’ll also include a 1911 supplement edition in decent condition.

Asking $100 plus shipping, but will trade for any of the following:

Large lot of vintage lettering devices: Stenso, E-Z Letter, Duro Dan Lettering Guide Stencils - Dennison, Eu-Re-Ka or Metal Bright gummed letters and numbers or Dennison Pres-A-Ply self-adhesive letters and numbers - Duro or Meyercord Decal letters and numbers - Magic Master or Webway Sign Kits - similar products welcome…


Large lot of vintage [mint condition] office supplies: gummed labels, paper clips, metal rulers, bulldog clips, pen nibs, pen nib holders, felt stamp pads, bottles of ink, carbon paper, Dymo label tape, metal single hole punches [hand held, various shapes, not round hole], etc.

Have an idea or an offer? Let’s chat! If we work out a trade, I’ll cover my freight, you’ll cover yours.

Special consideration will be given for a fully stocked Speedball lettering pen nib display, and/or metal display racks for Stenso, E-Z Letter or Duro Dan lettering stencils…

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