Vandercook Motorized Model Recommendation?


I used to rent press time at a studio in NYC and print on a Vandercook UNI IIII. It’s a great piece of machinery but obviously quite large!!! I now live in NC and want to buy my own press but want something smaller- I am looking for recommendations on smaller Vandercook models that are motorized. I don’t require an incredibly large press bed but quality and motorizations are important to me. Thanks!

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The powered Universal I would be an obvious choice. We will have one finished for sale early in the new year. Did the press you were using have the paper return tower on it?


I am not sure what a paper return tower is so possibly not? I am actually going to be in NYC in the beginning of February so if this press is available then still I would not mind having a look.

Were in NC are you located. Would like to talk about sharing time if you are near Wilmington.

Jenncatte- I’d be happy to show you what we have available when you are in town. Were you printing on Mindy’s press when you lived here? I don’t think her press has the tower.

Yes- Mindy’s :-)

I want to try to fit a press in a condo (sounds a bit crazy I know). I could definitely fit a C&P but I am not sure that would suit my needs.

I will be in town the first week of February because I am going to the stationery show. I will send you a private message!

Hi Jenncatte, I have a C&P old style in great working condition I’m looking to sell if you are interested. It is an 8x12 with new rollers and completely reconditioned motor. I can send photos.

Thanks Terry

By the way I’m in Greensboro NC

I am in Chapel Hill. I think the 8 x 12 is a bit too small for me. What is max Boxcar base that fits? If I got one I was thinking of the large C&P 12 x 18.

7x11 would be the max unless you had a custom chase made. The issue then becomes the rollers and getting good ink coverage. What will you be to printing?

Invitations and books.