Golding Pearl Improved No. 11 Press

My printing days are over (for now) and I need to free up space, so I’m selling my lovely, print ready, Golding Pearl No. 11 platen letterpress machine.

I bought it in 2014 from Andrew Churchman in Indianapolis and used it for about 3 years. Andrew cleaned, painted and restored it to fantastic working condition. I successfully printed as big as 5 x 7 on it, but wouldn’t recommend trying any larger.

The press has a throw off lever, hand brake, feed tray (one of the feed tray arms needs a quick weld or solder), belt & motor (no treadle, but could easily have one made), built in roller storage… No rust or cracks (aside from feed tray arm). Great press for a beginner or if you want to step up from a table top!

$3200 obo

Also includes:

-7x11 chase
-6x9 deep relief boxcar base (for use with KF152 plates)
-2 rollers
-4 trucks
-assorted inks
-ink knife
-glass ink mixing palettes
-cali wash
-other various press supplies (rags, gloves, line gauge, etc…)

Weighs about 700 pounds. Pickup only in Lapel, IN. Might be able to deliver for a fee.

Photos + videos of the press:

Job photos:

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