Printasign Duplicator & 2 Cabinets of type

*EDIT* If anyone’s attempted to reach me by hitting “contact” button, it went to a now defunct email address. That was my mistake. It’s fixed now. My apologies.

I have a Printasign Duplicator sign press that is in awesome condition. It has the complete inking system & rollers are still in good shape. I only have one set of ink rollers. It has a bin full of the metal rails typical to this kind of sign press. There are also a bunch of magnets in there to keep your stuff from moving around.

Also included are two full cabinets of type. All of it has the notches in the back for use with the rails. It’s kind of a mixture of type. Some metal, some all wood, some wood base with what looks like a cast resin forming the letters. Take a gander at the photos here:

Yes, you could use a base & polymer plates with it. Just use the magnets to hold that base in place while you print. Easy peasy.

I also have PDF files of the patent and the user manual available to whoever purchases it. Not that you’ll need them, it’s a REALLY easy press to use.

It’s currently in my home office so no loading dock or anything like that. The table it’s on in the photos is also included. It isn’t original. I built the table and put the foot pedal on it to open the paper grippers.

I wish I could keep it, but there’s just enough hours in the day for me to do it all, so this awesome press needs to go someplace where it’ll get used & loved.

Price for the whole kit: $2000

Questions? Just ask. :)

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