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All Items are located at 190 Martin Rd Myerstown Pa 17067 except the last 4 lots preview dates are Feb 20th 9 to 5 and Jan 21st 9 to 12:00 Noon or by appointment.
First lot ends Feb. 21st @ 2:00 pm followed by 1 lot per minute unless there is Bid activity in the last 5 minutes then it will extend the clock to 5 minutes

Enter your Maximum Bid and the software on your dashboard will bid the amount required to keep you on top of other bidders up to your maximum amount to avoid missing out on an item as the action gets fast!!!
Do Not Miss Out - Please remember to “refresh” as time counts down. Every lot still closes on its individual clock, regardless of prior item still in action.
Our program is designed to simulate a live auction with bidding back and forth - Clock resets to 5 minutes when a bid is placed with less than 5 minutes remaining. If you are outbid with 5 minutes or 1 second left, the clock will reset to 5 minutes allowing you to bid again if you wish - YOU MUST “REFRESH” to see current time - Remember other lots still close on their own time - This is where entering max bid comes in handy.

Art / Prints & Books / Machine Manual Auction 1087

Includes the following Items
Books , Fine Art , Machine Manuals , Old Sale Bills , Adds , Memorabilia , Fredrick Remington Bronze’s , Board Shear , Job Backer , Kwik Print , Standing Book Press , Art case , Art , Old Poultry & Produce adds , Old Banking Paper work , Old Gas & Oil Leases , High School Sports Tickets , Season Tickets , Sports Adds , an so much more.

From the following manufacturers
American Wood Type Mfg. Co. , The Baltimore Printing Press, Scribners Magazine, ICS Reference Library, Gane Bros. Equipment, Empire Type Foundry, Printing Machinery and Supplies, Sterling Type Foundry, Bauer Alphabets, Baltimore Type, Irving Pitt Manu. Co., C.R. & W.A. Nelson, Russell Bookcrafts Hitching, Fort Hill Engraving Co., George A. Bernard, Samuel Ellenport, Whitlock Printing Press, Hickok, Heidelberg, American Type Founders, Dexter Folding Co., Miehle, Hamilton, Ludlow, American Printing Equipment, Morris Gall, Frederick Remington, Edward Borein, Winslow Homer, Vince Van Gogh, David Eshelman, Withers-Watts, Haddods Fine Arts, Moran, Robert White, Unger, Rippel, Steve Polomchak, Lynn R. Katz, Roy Grinnell, Wilson Jones Co., Type Founders Of Chicago, Rogets University, Eugene St. John, Edwin Sutermeister, Fred W. Hoch, I.H. Sayer, Ralph W. Polk, William Friday, Manly Banister, W.E. Snyder, Guy A. Pratt, Fritz Wolff, Willard Heiss, Mabel S.Hulburt, Jack Bernardi, Milton Cross, Pledger Hulme, Richard Adams, Robert Arthur, William H. Barlow, Thomas Ewing, C.C. Furnas, Charlotte Elmore, Irmegard Eberle, Patrick Bassoe, Victor Heiser, Sherman J. Silver, Van Son Holland, G.J. Aiger & Co., The Barrett Bindery Co., Holliston, Skivertex, Frederick D. Kagy, E.S. Lumsden, Edith Deihl, A.W. Lewis, Sears, Brandeis High School, American Druggist, The Oxford Dictionary, Nathaniel Hawthorne, H. Armstrong Roberts, Carmel Clay Public Library,Hebrew Academy of Nassau County, A. Horowitz and Son, Smyth Booksewing, Barrett Advertising, Kensol , Quick Print , John Jacques
Cynthiana High School , Haubstadt High School , Owensville High School , Wadesville High School , Posey County Baseball Tourney , Cynthiana IN , an much more

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