Complete letterpress shop

Complete letterpress shop for sale. Great opportunity for collectors and letterpress enthusiasts! Really good price for great machines and woodtype.

• Washington Press R. Hoe & Co New York ( 1885). Beautiful, restored, good condition, functional.

• Chandler & Price table top press. 8 x 12. Nice, fully functional.

• Adams Cottage Press No. 4. ( 1861). Portable printing press used during Civil War to print military orders, receipts, etc.

• A complete array of unsorted wood type, vintage lot of upper and lower case wood letters and some printing blocks. Different sizes, some of them totally new.

Total price US$ 13.000

The shop is located in Bogota, Colombia (South America).
Please note that shipping costs are not included. If you are seriously interested in this shop, we can help you with arrangements to ship abroad, and to contact local companies to get an estimate.
You can also ask for more pictures!

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