Vandercook Universal III Power Test Press

This Vandercook Universal III Power Test Press is in beautiful condition. The rollers are nearly brand new and everything on the press is SUPER CLEAN. It truly has next to no rust anywhere on the press. (see pictures) It has a very nice new wood feedboard. The power inking works perfectly.
There is however a problem with the carriage coming back to the feed board in the exact same place. It either runs to fast or too hard on the way back and often “bumps” home if that makes sense.
Paul Moxon (vandercook guru to put it mildly) has visited the press, inspected it and believes it can be an easy fix for someone willing to put in the time and effort. The carriage on the press is not running currently and needs to be adjusted/fixed to work properly. We are moving and are being forced to downsize our shop and have no choice but to sell the press as is. We are def sad to see this amazing press go, we had plans to get her running again but it’s just not in the cards for us, we are hopeful there will be someone out there who will enjoy it as much as we have.

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There are extras included (see pictures)

It was made circa 1960-1961
Bed size: 19″ × 42½”
Maximum sheet: 18¾” × 28″
Maximum form: 18″ × 24
Floor space: 3’3″ × 8’4½”
Weight is roughly: 1800 lbs

We are asking 10,000 or best offer (plus shipping (freight) OR local pickup whatever you would like)
I have a large palette and am willing to prepare the press for shipping but the buyer MUST pay the shipping fees and arrange the pickup/shipping.

Please see all the pictures! If you need more or want closeups of anything just lmk. If you are seriously interested and want more information I am more than happy to discuss it with you. You can email me or I could give you my phone number, whatever works. I am a very trustworthy seller for what it’s worth (I am sure everyone says that lol) BUT I really am :)

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