10x15 Windmill in NY, Hudson Valley

Hi All,

Three years ago I bought my dream press — a Windmill. I’ve loved it for three years now but I have to part with it because I’m moving soon.

It’s in full, wonderful working order, three almost new rollers, one brand new one (for the ink fountain). Has a metal die jacket for die cutting. Lots of new suckers and accessories.

It currently has a motor on it that is wired for 220. The same motor could be wired for 110. I have a three-phase motor, with pulley, as well.

I paid $1900 for the press, another $400 for the motor.

Will sell the press for $1500 o.b.o. if you can move it out of here in the next couple of months. Sooner is preferred.

The press is located on the first floor of my house. I have a pallet jack here to help load. The driveway is at an incline but could back a truck up to the end where the cement patio ends and the gravel driveway starts.


Thanks in advance.
MC Edwards

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