Golding Jobber #6 Restoration / Motor Tune-up & Service

Hello Community -

I am looking for recommendations to inspect and service (if needed), the variable speed motor that came with my press. I’ve asked local automotive mechanics for ideas / references but the referred resources are limited. Does anyone have recommendations on who they have used to service their motors? Or perhaps I am searching incorrectly - should I be searching for an electrician? Attaching pictures of the motor here in case that is helpful. Thanks in advance for your help!

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Unfortunately, Briar press is not uploading attached pics….

There are usually electric motor repair shops in most locations. Most of them sell new motors as well, but if you find a good one, they will take a look at older motors and can troubleshoot.

It sounds like you have not even tried it to see if it runs, I think that would be my first inclination. Most of those old motors are fairly reliable.

John Henry
Cedar Creek Press

Hi John - The motor runs fine! …just wanted to get a second opinion and get an assessment if it needs to be serviced. Perhaps if it works, then no need to worry about anything else?