1965 Model D “Open Kluge”

Needing to make room, I am offering for sale an unusual and somewhat uncommon press. This is a 1965 10x15 “Open Kluge”, so called for it’s specific design. Brandtje Kluge specifically designed the Bull Gears of their Opens for much longer dwell time, specifically for hand feeding. These “Opens” are set up very much like their Chandler and Price counterparts. She requires the same gauge pins as the typical 10x15 New or Old Series C&Ps, which makes them extremely user friendly. These are different presses from those designed to work with the Kluge Automatic Feeders (which can also be hand fed…. but are not so user friendly. The Automatic dwell times are very short, being designed to time with an Autofeeder, and the elevator is way too close to the platen which can make it a thumb guillotine, and they are real “snappers”. MUCH better to use the Open Kluge for hand feeding!!)

What is unique about this particular M-D model is that it’s serial number places it around May of 1965, which makes it one of the very last, possibly THE last press of this kind to roll off the ways at Brandtjen Kluge. I (Paper Wren Press) am the second owner, the first owner was the late John Moran, a fairly well known letterpress printer and engineer up in Michigan.

This press is a show stopper! It probably has less than a thousand hours on it, it is virtually brand new. If you have never seen an American made Letterpress brand new, here she is.

I am scaling down to one shop location, which means the larger machines need to go into storage. I don’t want to just store this gal away…. she needs to be used.

She comes with five chases, a set of rubber rollers (4) that are very fresh, a set of vibrators (which, with the twin roller pairs makes these presses arguably one of the finest inkers around.) There are also fresh Composition Rollers as well (3). She will include Redboard, a supply of tympan paper, and a New Standard Relief Boxcar Base cut for the 10x15 chase.

Her feed and draw boards are blonde maple, factory stock. Her tools are included, along with some extra hardware (Morgan trucks… which I never used. Her current trucks are new Delrin trucks). She includes a 1/2 hp single phase motor, along with her original mounts and factory shreve and adjustable speed mount, plus all switching hardware…. which isn’t much. She is very simple to rig. Since she is designed for hand feeding, she is also considered a hand-inker, which means there is no fountain. The fountains were considered necessary for the Autofeed Kluges. This is more of an “Arts” oriented, fine limited edition run press.

She is already palleted and ready to go with easy back-in street level access.

To recap:
A virtually brand new and quite uncommon Open Kluge, with paperwork, peripherals, motor, chases and Boxcar base, ready to transport. Entertaining serious offers only. This is not a hobby press, neither is it a “College Graphics Course” press. She’s a serious work-a-day Union Shop production iron horse!

I have taken several photos of different areas of the Open Kluge, that will show just how clean she is, plus a couple shots of her in operation. She’s doing multicolour QSL cards in the photos, just in case you’re wondering.

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Text : 386-490-5160.

I am located in Orange City, Florida, between Orlando and Daytona Beach, just off I-4.

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image: Kluge 1.jpg

Kluge 1.jpg

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Kluge Feed Side Back.jpg

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Kluge in action.jpg

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Kluge Roller Saddle.jpg

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Kluge Serial.jpg